SoundSurface RACKS are the perfect companions for a DT-Case. The DT-Case is stackable on top of any SoundSurface RACK. They are the right choice for housing stageboxes, switches, servers  - basically everything that needs a rackformat enclosure. Available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6U height, they also fit in our HC-Hardcases. One HC-BIG-Hardcase can be loaded with one single 6U case or with a 5U combination, like 3U + 2U or 1U + 4U. The HC-SLIM-Hardcase hosts a 4U RACK. All RACKS are fitted with rackrails in the front and the back and four rubber feet.

Case material: Multiplex – MPX (Class A nordic birch)

Finish: Three layers of water-diluted WARNEX 

Dimensions: 57 cm wide x 44 cm deep 
Weight: 6U RACK is 7.8 kg, 4U RACK is 6.2 kg
Space between the rack rails: 37 cm (Platz zwischen den Rack-Schienen)

Made in Germany 
All materials and components from German suppliers 

fits in a HC hardcase

stackable with a DT-Case



For io devices, servers, switches and so on

perfect match!

3U + 1U

 two 2U RACKS

 two 2 x 3U RACKS


rackrails front and back

perfect for a DigiGrid IOX, IOC or a DSPro SG1000