Price List

SoundSurface DT:                 499,- Euro
SoundSurface HC:                299,- Euro

SoundSurface FIT Board:    179,- Euro
SoundSurface RP:                 219,- Euro
SoundSurface RP:
with your own Logo:             239,- Euro
SoundSurface RP-OMNI:        89,- Euro
SoundSurface RACKS:
                        1U/ 1HE:         155,- Euro
                        2U/ 2HE:         165,- Euro
                        3U/ 3HE:         175,- Euro
                        4U/ 4HE:         185,- Euro
                        5U/ 5HE:         195,- Euro
                        6U/ 6HE:         205,- Euro
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Shipping to European countries (mainland) only. 

Commercial customers with a valid VAT number outside Germany can buy free of tax. Alle Preise ohne Versand und ohne Mehrwertsteuer.

Lead time is subject to availability. Stock items will be shipped within two working days. Otherwise the assembly time is approximately ten working days + shipping.

None of the shown accessories included!

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