SoundSurface HC

The SoundSurface HC Hardcases are a perfect fit for the SoundSurface DT-case (2U version only), all DT-FLY-Cases and our RACKS. The Hardcases are a water- and dust proof and also IP67 certified. Both versions feature four handles and two casters with stainless steel bearing. A trolley handle is also included. 

Caution! Intensive touring or flying with your SoundSurface system?
Please download our advice on transport saftey. Click here! 

We offer TWO different sizes!
The HC-BIG-Hardcase is the right choice for our SoundSurface DT-case (2U version only) flagship. It also fits the DT-FLY-FIT and DT-FLY-TOUCH with 3U and 2U, when the regular monitor hinge is attached. I will also host one 6U RACK or two RACKs with 5U combinations (f.e. 2U+3U, or 1U+4U).

exterior dimensions: 690 x 535 x 380 mm
interior dimensions:  610 x 455 x 345  (285+60) mm
weight: 9,4 kg

For a 1 U DT-FLY-FIT/TOUCH with regular monitor hinge case or a 2U DT-FLY-FIT/TOUCH without monitor hinge, we offer the lighter and smaller HC-SLIM-Hardcase. This will also host a 4U RACK or two RACKs with a 3U combination (1U+2U).

exterior dimensions:  687 x 528 x H 276 mm
interior dimensions: 620 x 460 x H 250 (190+60) mm
weight: 8,4 kg

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