SoundSurface DT

The „SoundSurfce DT“ Double Touch case was designed to match the demand of touring professionals. Built to host two DELL P2418HT (or IIyama ProLite T2454MSC-B1AG ) touchscreens with a 2U-19” rackspace (3U also available!). Rack rails front and back. The upper touchscreen has a wide range of motion due to the sophisticated monitor mount. A clamshell stop mechanism prevents a collision of the two touchscreens. The bottom touchscreen features a quick release  - easy access to the cabling. The case comes with all necessary screws and mounting accessories. Dedicated compartment for a Netgear GS105, GS108 or a GS110TP switch. The SoundSurface DT-Case 2U/HE fits in a PELI 1637 Air or in our SoundSurface HC-Hardcase.
Accessories: Beside the FITboard we designed two SIDEBOARDS for the DT-Cases. A shorter one ( 20 x 30 cm) for holding a mouse or trackball and one bigger for laptops (40 x 30 cm). Sold individually or as a bundle. Pictures below.

Case material: Multiplex – MPX

Finish: Three layers of water-diluted WARNEX 

Handrest: Made from real German Oak. Natural product - one of a kind!

Dimensions: 57cm wide x 44cm deep x 33 cm height
Space between the rack rails: 38 cm

Weight: 7.9 kg 
All materials and components from German suppliers 
Made in Germany


SoundSurface DT-Case 2U/HE with FITboard and Sideboard-Bundle

Comparison: SoundSurface DT-FLY-TOUCH 3U/HE on the left - DT-Case 2U on the right!

SoundSurface DT - back view

SoundSurface DT-Case - bottom

Comparison: SoundSurface DT-FLY-TOUCH 3U/HE on the left - DT-Case 2U on the right!

SoundSurface DT-Case 2U/HE

SoundSurface Laptop SIDEBOARD

SoundSurface DT Laptop SIDEBOARD

SoundSurface DT-SIDEBOARD Bundle

SoundSurface DT-Mouseboard

SoundSurface DT-Case 2U/HE with optional SIDEBOARD Bundle


SoundSurface DT-Case 2U/HE on top of a 3U/HE SoundSurface RACK

Build in stop mechanism

Professional quality

Quick release screws for the bottom touchscreen

DT-Case 2U/HE


SoundSurface DT-Case 2U/HE

SoundSurface DT-Case - our flagship product for professional touring