Make the most of your DT-Case

All DT-Cases provide a professional home for your valuable hardware. But every project has different demands on the hardware used. Sometimes you simply need more storage space, more connections or you have to keep an eye on the total weight in order to meet the luggage limits of airlines. For this reason, we offer a range of interesting accessories so that your DT case can adapt to any challenge.

DT-Case accesories and add-ons


Monitorrail is a must have in many ways. Simply exchange the Monitorrail  for the existing monitor hinge and use iPads, tablet PCs or portable monitors with your DT case. The same two screws that hold the regular monitor hinge are used for this. 

Why is this useful? The weight limit of most airlines for luggage

is 22kg. A 22" or 24" monitor with our regular monitor hinge weighs around 4kg. To save space and weight, a portable monitor (15.3"-17.3") or a Windows Surface can be used as an screen alternative. This saves space and more than 3 kg in weight. The Midas M32C is a good choice as an entry into the eMotion LV1 world. In order to control the preamp gain or the monitor sends of the M32C, an iPad next to a touchscreen for the LV1 is helpful. With the MonitorRail, your iPad or tablet always finds a prominent place. Pictures below.

Works with every DT-Case version!
Fits for various devices (iPad, tablet PC, portable touchscreen) up to a thickness of one centimeter.

Case material: Multiplex – MPX
Finish: Three layers of water-diluted WARNEX 

Dimensions: 30 cm wide x 7 cm deep x  8 cm height
Max screen thickness : 1 cm
Weight: 0,2 kg 
Made in Germany


Need some additional space for a loptop, mouse or a FoH interface?
Our DT-SIDEBOARDS are the ideal solution! Beside the 1U version of the DT-FLY, the DT-Sideboards will fit with all other versions of DT and DT-Fly cases. 

There are two versions available. A slim one ( 20 x 30 cm) for holding a mouse or trackball and one bigger for laptops (40 x 30 cm). Sold individually or as a bundle. Pictures below.
Weight: 0.9 kg for the bundle

Material: Multiplex – MPX

Finish: Three layers of water-diluted WARNEX 

Made in Germany


SoundSurface FIT-Board 

Custom made for hosting the Waves FIT Controller in a SoundSurface DT case. It features our tested toolless quick access, so you can easily switch back and forth between the FIT controller or a second touchscreen. Very easy to attach. Made from baltic birch mpx and a water-diluted WARNEX finish, robust and easy to repair. Pictures below.

Weight: 1.4 kg
Made in Germany 

We recommend to put a foam block between the touchscreen and the FIT controller during transport. A suitable foam block is included in the delivery.


The RP-OMNI rackpanel offers eight drill holes for Neutrik D connectors. You decide, what you put in. USB, EtherCon network, PowerCon, XLR in/out, HDMI or DP-Port connectors - they all fit.

A taylor made rackrackpanel for your connectors of choice. Selfsecuring screws included!
Material: Aluminium

Made in Germany 


Monitorrail with an 17.3" portable touchscreen

Monitorrail hosting an iPad

Monitorrail front

Monitorrail back - it uses the same two screws like the regular monitor hinge

DT-FLY-Touch 2u with Monitorrail and a 2nd 17.3" portable touchscreen monitor

Monitorrail and Windows Surface Pro 5

Monitorrail with iPad again



up to 15" laptops

DT-Sideboard Bundle

The Sideboard Bundle fit with every DT-Case besides the 1U DT-FLY

The FITboard retrofit - only available for our DT-Case flagship


FITboard delivery state

Uses our quick release screws

Will not block the USB-outlets of the FIT controller or even bigger switches like the GS110TP